Monday, March 21, 2011


To prepare for your self-suck lesson you must do the following:• You must be totally naked!• This is because the clothes (especially belts) interfere with the bending over action!• Be sitting down in a chair that is stable, and that supports your crotch well.• Be erect! Make sure you get all the length you can get!• Now these are the steps for success to self-sucking:1. Get into a slouching motion so your back is curved outward.2. Place your chin right onto your chest so you are looking down at your penis.3. Hook one of your arms around the bottom of both of your legs. This is so you can push up with the arm and your penis comes closer to your face.4. Suck in your gut so your ribs can be pushed down over your gut, giving you a HUGE gain in distance.5. Now that you are in position, lean down toward your penis with your head and suck your way to orgasm!Note: It takes time to work your back in to perform this action. So don't try to force it if it feels like you are gonna snap in two!Umm, I have to admit I really don't have the flexibility to do it but it's always fun to watch those who can do it. Enjoy!


  1. The real skinny is, it extremely demanding of your body. Any guys I know who can do it have gotten their bodies in shape over a long period of time. You probably strained your back or hopefully didn't do anything spinal. Its best to find the right position so there's not weight on your spine back or neck.

    There is a manual on it that covers spinal issues, stretching, body mechanics, dietary supplements and the whole nine yards, if you're really interested in doing it. You can find The Manual of how to do it at Seriously, don't do it without it, you can get serious injury.